Originally created 02/21/00

Defends N. Augusta police officers

This is in reference to the "whiners" who are whining about the North Augusta Public Safety Department.

First of all, I am a disabled retired North Augusta Public Safety officer. I have read in the newspaper of people calling and saying things about how the officers need to be here doing this and here doing that. People, if you think you can do a better job, then get out there and try. ...

If you have a complaint, take it to the Public Safety chief or City Council during a meeting. Don't be a "wimp" and call a newspaper anonymously. Most of the time when someone complains about an officer being in a certain area it's because they received a ticket in that area and felt that the officer should be somewhere else stopping other speeders.

I know what I'm talking about; I worked for the city of North Augusta for more than eight years. When we had complaints in a residential area, we would patrol and probably more than 50 percent of the time it would be someone who lived in that area who would be stopped. Then they would start complaining as to why that officer was not out on the Interstate or the highways. ...

Jamie Turner, North Augusta


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