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Offers words to teach, learn by

Bravos for "the Grovetown two," Dr. W. Dewey Kitchens and Ward Bebe Lang, for their pithy Feb. 5 letters to the editor.

Their thoughtfulness in addressing the woes of public school education rings with clarity and truth. How refreshing were their words when compared to those uttered almost daily by Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes and state Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta.

Recently my wife found her late mother's 1905-1906 report card. One fourth of the document carried this poignant message:

"To the Parent,

"The boys and girls in the schools will be the men and women of the future, the immortals of eternity. Because of what they will be, the responsibilities of parents and teachers are very great. The parents naturally desire that their children shall receive the best educational advantages possible.

"But no matter how earnestly and persistently the teacher tries to help the pupil, the best results will not be obtained unless there is the heartiest cooperation and warmest sympathy among parents, teachers and pupils.

"As it is impossible for you to visit the school frequently, this report is sent that you may know how your child is progressing in each study. It is intended to be a complete summary of all that pertains to your child's school life this year. Will you please examine it carefully, sign it promptly and act upon the information given? In doing so you will greatly help your child and the teacher.

"Please aid in securing compliance with the rules of the school. Ready obedience to proper authority is a lesson which every child should learn.

"Pupils should not only behave properly, but they should acquire the habit of being punctual, regular in attendance, studious, kind, courteous and neat. For the sake of the present and future welfare of your child, kindly help the teacher in all efforts to secure these and other desirable ends."

These sagacious words, though they be 95 years old, could be of immense value to our educational systems in this first year of a new century!

Bill Craven, Waynesboro


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