Originally created 02/21/00

Hits media for missing important story

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., seeks the presidency making campaign finance reform a major issue. He says he intends to break the grip of lobbyists on Washington and return government to the people. He has not stated what specific actions on campaign finance reform he will initiate. He continues to accept lobbyists' contributions to his campaign.

Texas Gov. George W. Bush has publicly stated his opposition to campaign finance reform as proposed by congressional Democrats. His reasons were: Reform does not restrict the unions -- traditionally Democrat and liberal -- from spending union members' dues to support Democratic and liberal issues; meanwhile the American media (newspapers, magazines, television, and radio) are basically liberal in their views and the Republican conservative message would not be promulgated to the American public.

On Feb. 10, the Fox News Channel reported that the Arkansas Supreme Court issued two complaints against President Clinton that could eventually lead to him being disbarred. The complaints were based on Judge Susan Weber Wright's finding that President Clinton mislead her court (or perjured himself) during the Paula Jones sexual harassment civil trial, and a complaint filed by the Southeastern Legal Foundation stating that, "President Clinton, as a man and a lawyer, is utterly without shame, and utterly without honor."

No other major television network (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC) even mentioned this news item all day. The Chronicle on Feb. 11 didn't mention this news item at all, but deemed it important to inform local readers that young Japanese were deficient in learning the English language.

Who cares about the Japanese not learning enough English?! The news item that a sitting president could be disbarred for unethical behavior was very newsworthy. It would be unprecedented in our nation's history if it indeed happens. ...

S.K. Ching II, Martinez


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