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Rips pro-abortion attitude toward life

I would like to applaud David Sisler's Feb. 12 column regarding the blind eye the majority of our citizens are turning toward the murder of our children while mourning Willie B. How can we as citizens of Georgia, South Carolina or any other of the United States of America ignore this cruel and abhorrent practice, but mourn a gorilla?!

Abortion as a whole is merciless and detestable, but partial birth abortion has to be the most cruel and despicable act of the abortion industry. A child is allowed to grow safe and secure in its mother womb. The mother then decides this child is unwanted for any of a multitude of reasons. Next an abortionist induces delivery, but sadistically twists the child until it is delivered feet first. Just inches away from his first breath that would give him the rights of all U.S. citizens, the doctor stops delivery and suctions the brain from his skull. The dead child is then completely delivered.

There is no argument at this point as to whether this is a child or not. He can no longer be called dehumanizing terms such as embryo or fetus. Now the question is what rights does the child have at this point in his life? The inalienable right to life is granted in our federal courts with a child's first breath. However, through the loophole in the definition of "living and breathing," this child has no rights until birth and can be legally murdered by being denied his first breath. A woman's aborting of a baby is murder and equal to Susan Smith's murder of her children. Abortion just happens earlier.

Yes, a woman should have the right to control what happens to her body and to decide how many children she will bear. If a woman chooses to have sexual intercourse she should be prepared to face the results of her actions! If unable or unwilling to care for a child, there are many alternatives to abortion. A woman should not be allowed to commit murder instead of accepting responsibility for her choice to be sexually active!

Lanette Payne, Clearwater


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