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Can you name that president?

There you go again.

-- Ronald Reagan

With South Carolina's presidential primary behind us and a Presidents Day holiday before us, what better time to play our annual game -- Name That President?

I'll give you the clues. The answers are at the end, and here's a hint: All of the following commanders in chief once visited our area.

Which president ...

1. Went to Yale. Friends called him "Bill." Often worried about his weight. One of his most trusted aides died while he was in office.

And he was a Republican.

2. Was a governor right before he became president. Educated on the East Coast. Religious family. Democrat. Best known for international efforts. Lived in Atlanta for a while. Married twice.

3. An education president, his appearance in Augusta included a visit at our town's premier education center. Military background.

4. Came here to play golf, also watched a local baseball game. The only newspaperman to successfully gain the White House, he is often rated one of the worst chief executives.

5. A war veteran, he came to town to inspect our military fortifications. Died on the Fourth of July.

6. Another war hero, whose nickname was "Rough and Ready," he died soon after visiting Augusta.

7. Although a Southern president known for his unique drawl, this president was heckled by his fellow Americans when he stopped in Augusta during a campaign visit.

8. Although he had left the White House before he came to town, this obscure president did interest many in joining a new political party that briefly attracted attention.

9. He loved golf, but his lasting legacy to Augusta is in the medical field.

10. Spent some time in Great Britain. Was an attorney general, then governor in his native state. Democrat. Served just one term.

11. "Bill" could be long-winded during speeches. An ex-governor and attorney general in his native state. His wife attracted attention in the White House. A Republican.

12. Plays saxophone. Bought Girl Scout cookies while here.

How did you do?

1. Not Bill Clinton, but William Howard Taft. His friend Archibald Butt died on the Titanic.

2. Not Jimmy Carter, but Woodrow Wilson. Was governor of New Jersey.

3. Again, not Bill Clinton, but George Washington, who inspected the Academy of Richmond County.

4. Warren G. Harding.

5. James Monroe.

6. Zachary Taylor.

7. Lyndon Johnson.

8. Millard Fillmore spoke at City Hall and later sparked interest in the Know-Nothing Party.

9. Dwight David Eisenhower, for whom Fort Gordon's Army medical center is named.

10. Again, it's not Bill Clinton, but Martin Van Buren, who visited Augusta in the 1840s.

11. No it's not Bill Clinton, but William McKinley. His wife, Ida, was prone to seizures at state dinners.

12. OK, it's Bill Clinton.

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