Originally created 02/20/00

Faults headline on Mickelson golf victory

The Feb. 14 paper carried a headline about Phil Mickelson's win in the Buick Invitational golf tournament. But whose name was in the headline? Tiger Woods!

I think it is unfair to Mr. Mickelson to have to share the space allotted to his win with Tiger Woods. I would have expected the story of the end of Mr. Woods' streak to be carried in the sports section. Why does every golf story have to have a Tiger Woods spin on it? It unfairly diminishes the talents of other golfers.

I'm sure Mr. Woods enjoys his popularity, but I think he would urge you to give other golfers, like Mr. Mickelson, their due respect. He won the tournament and shouldn't have the story of his win treated as an aside.

Gayle Dyches, Martinez


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