Originally created 02/10/00

P.C. hypocrisy

The politically correct morality police are beating up on GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush for giving a speech at South Carolina's Bob Jones University, a Christian fundamentalist institution that frowns on interracial dating.

According to the P.C. credo, this makes Bush a "racist" or worse. But where were these moral elites when first lady and New York U.S. Senate candidate Hillary Clinton celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday last month at a high-profile rally with infamous race-baiter Al Sharpton?

The Rev. Sharpton's record is replete with racist remarks directed at whites and Jews. He has also been convicted in civil court for a hoax in which a black teen girl falsely accused three white men of raping her. No one with that kind of ugly past shared the platform with Bush at Bob Jones.


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