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Cites racism; calls for mutual respect

As I read the Feb. 1 letter by Paul and Anne Cook, I feel compelled to reply concerning the issue of racial division in our society. Although I've lived a mere 38 years, here are some things my siblings as well as I were taught: Always address your seniors as "Sir, Mr., Mrs. or Ma'am" because everyone is a human being and deserves proper respect.

As a son of a man who dedicated his life to law enforcement ... I, too, saw several examples of racism:

As a youngster in a suburb of the District of Columbia, gangs of blacks would stalk white students and gang up on them ... (and) in junior and senior high school only the white students received punishment for such acts.

After graduating from high school, a 17-year-old white boy was turned down and told that he was the wrong color when he applied for a guaranteed federal student loan.

A manager of a business had applicants telling him that if he didn't hire them they'd have the NAACP sue him.

Then there was the fabrication of rape by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson against white police officers and a district attorney in New York. And there was the driver of a truck who was pulled out (during the Los Angeles riot) and nearly beaten to death on national television.

Yes, there is a lot of racism in the world. But do not lay this at the feet of this generation. ... Treat others as you want to be treated, and they will return the respect because, if you don't, you're not going to get any. ...

Alan D. Horner, Hephzibah


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