Originally created 02/09/00

Ribs forecasters about missed snow

I have a suggestion for our local television stations, especially their weather departments, that will save them millions of dollars. After having been told for several days in a row, and even as late as a few hours before the snow actually hit, that we would not get any snow here in Augusta, my suggestion is this: Get rid of the Doppler radar! It doesn't work.

How many times have we been told that we would not get any rain only to be drenched while driving the car with the top down? In the last 20 years, I will admit, the weatherman (and why is it always a man?) has gotten a little more accurate; however, shouldn't they have gotten a lot more accurate in that time? I am sure glad computers have not made the same progress as the latest meteorologist with all his fancy training and equipment has. We would still be using the DOS system instead of windows.

Why don't they do one of two things? Either just 'fess up and say "We don't have the foggiest idea what the weather is going to be tomorrow, so don't ask." Or, they could just invest $3 in a good, old-fashioned Indian weather rock. It is a rock that is suspended from a string and placed outside. When it is moving, it's a good bet that it's windy out. When it is wet, the forecast is rain. When there is snow on the rock, it is snowing out!

Hang in there guys, you'll get it right eventually.

David Chiera, Augusta

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