Originally created 02/09/00

Wonders how far 'PC madness' can go

Now that the baseball commissioner has decreed that John Rocker be suspended and fined after psychological testing, some questions come to mind.

Will we have local, neighborhood or statewide "political correctness commissars" to submit our thoughts and comments to, or are we to be monitored by our employers?

Will there be local or federal re-education facilities?

Will our current medical insurance cover our re-education procedure or will it be an out of pocket expense?

For those of us who can't be re-educated will we be banished from "polite society" or shot as dissidents are in China so our organs can be harvested, or will we be bludgeoned to death and rot in ditches as they were in Cambodia during the '70s?

Does this current PC frenzy apply to all equally?

Now that the First Amendment seems to have been rescinded, which one is next?

Just how far will this madness be allowed to continue?

Robert B. Rackliffe, Belvedere


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