Originally created 02/08/00

Blasts governor's stand on flag issue

I wrote to South Carolina Gov. Jim Hodges last October to express my support to continue to flythe Confederate Naval Jack above the Statehouse in memory of those who honorably and bravely fought and died in the War of Northern Aggression. In the governor's reply he stated, "I believe that little progress can be made at this time on this issue," and he wanted to channel all efforts into improving education. In his State of the State address he now says he wants the flag removed and the children of South Carolina are watching.

What the children see is that some spineless and gutless business people, church groups and politicians would sell their heritage and, yes, their very souls, for the almighty dollar. The governor certainly let the voters know he does not desire a second term. And neither Bill Bradley nor Al Gore deserve one Southern vote for their disrespect of our heritage and honor.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and its merchants of hate have set race relations back more than 300 years.

And now comes Jesse Jackson and his carpetbaggers wanting to change our beloved Georgia state flag, but Georgians of good will welcome this boycott because it is far easier to keep the hate mongers and riffraff out of a given area when they decide to stay away on their own.

The late Lewis Gizzard said it well. If you don't like our Southern way of life, "Delta's ready when you are" -- and so is Greyhound! Strange, we never hear of anyone retiring to the North.

The wise words of Winston Churchill are well worth repeating here: "Any people with contempt for their heritage have lost faith in themselves and no nation can long survive without pride in its traditions."

John O. Ghann, Augusta


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