Originally created 01/26/00

Committing early takes the pressure off

Josey High defensive lineman Arnold Harrison was one of the first area players to make a college commitment, to Georgia. Harrison shared his thoughts on recruiting with staff writer Tim Morse.

Since I've committed to Georgia, about the only reason coaches call me is to see if I've really committed to Georgia. Schools that were interested in me like Middle Tennessee State, Louisville and Furman seem to be somewhat disappointed when they call.

People seem somewhat surprised that Georgia was interested and offered me a scholarship. I learned a long time ago that it's not what you see at the game. You might see somebody who's doing everything and think that guy is doing it all.

You might not see the guy who came through because the other man can't get there. It's a team effort.

This recruiting process hasn't been that bad. It's like an honor and I take it as a compliment. Before the season, Ralph Scott, Marvin Stone and I said that we were going to get the recruiters back out here at Josey.

When we were in ninth grade, there was somebody out here everyday, talking to Deon Grant and Armark Tolbert. We are all happy that we brought the recruiters back to Josey.

When we were losing, the recruiters stopped coming around. Then a few came back last year because of Chip Dykes, but there weren't that many. This year, they came back.

Since I've committed, I don't have that many telephone calls anymore about where I'm going to school. They call here some and ask a few questions but most of them respect my decision to go to Georgia.

Committing early really took a lot of pressure off of me. It allowed me concentrate on school and continue playing basketball.


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