Originally created 01/26/00

Slams McDuffie officials' `arrogance'

The sheer arrogance of McDuffie County/Thomson (which acts as one government under their 50-year intergovernmental agreement) officials continues to be appalling. For the county to be advertising for the county administrator's position before a bill has been introduced in the legislature to attempt to create the position is very inappropriate.

It is interesting that Columbia County officials are trying to create a county major/CEO position which, if approved by the legislature, will be voted on by the citizens in November. Before the county's form of government is changed, the citizens of McDuffie County should be allowed to vote on the issue of county administrator!

Why won't "they" let us decide this issue or any other important ones? Could it possibly be that the "powers-that-be" want to maintain control and have an additional layer of government shielding them from the very people whom they are supposed to work for and represent? The only time they will even acknowledge us is when they need money to fund one of their pet projects or want our votes.

The development authority, which acts as a joint body of the county and city government, is purchasing approximately 400 more acres of land for yet another industrial site in spite of the fact that there is a lawsuit and injunction pending and in spite of the fact that 1,600 citizens signed a petition against this action! This is an example of more arrogance as our "powers-that-be" have the "absolute power corrupts absolutely" syndrome.

I just hope that my fellow citizens remember all of these actions in this year's elections and elect people who will truly represent us fairly. Citizens be complacent no more!

William Dunn Wansley, Thomson


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