Originally created 01/26/00

Says battle flag flew over `traitors'

Let's cut to the chaff on this flag issue and come to a quick and decisive solution.

Despite the fact that the Southern soldiers fought well and nobly, they were in rebellion against the United States. As such, the banner they fought under is a symbol of rebellion and treason. Over the years it has been further perverted by racists into a representation of bigotry and evil. It is akin to flying the German swastika. Although the German soldiers also fought tenaciously, such a display in honor of them from a capitol dome would hardly be tolerated.

Take the flag down now. Erect a monument to the Confederate soldiers and perhaps place it there in a purely historic setting. My ancestors fought in that war, too. They and their comrades fought against the Stars and Bars and were victorious. In honor of the fighting men of the United States, the flag of treason must come down.

The federal government should take immediate steps to remove the rebel flag from any state or municipal building.

Ken Gott, Evans


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