Originally created 01/26/00

Wants answers on low water levels

We live in Savannah Lakes Village in McCormick ... two years ago we purchased our lot. It is at the end of a cove and had wonderful water views, especially in the winter!

Did we think to question whether or not we would have water again? No! And now we have a lake bottom view! Our lake is down so many feet! It is horrible ... we can't believe folks in Augusta would complain about their drop. We go shopping weekly in Augusta and the river always makes us envious! If those folks want to see low water ... they are welcome to come to our place!

We lived on Lake Norman in Charlotte before coming here, and our water levels dropped some during the winter months but nothing like this. When I called the Corps of Engineers, they said it depended on rainfall ... well, to some extent that must be true. But, we drove by Russell Lake a few days ago and they only were down a tad -- same river, same rainfall ... not fair, I say! I would love to get the honest scoop on how and why our levels are so low.

Pam Stone, McCormick


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