Originally created 01/25/00

Film captures excitement of football

THE FILM: Any Given Sunday


CAST: Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, Al Pacino, Ann-Margret and LL Cool J.

PLOT: A third-string quarterback makes it big after the first- and second-string QBs are "torn out of the frame."

WILL TEENS LIKE IT? Teens will enjoy it if they find a thrill in football.

HIGH POINT: The players come together as a team and win a bowl game.

LOW POINT: Cameron Diaz's character is a complete jerk. She tries her best to get rid of older players.

IS THE FILM FUNNY? EXCITING? The sound effects contributed a great deal to the excitement. Every hit and every scream make you feel a chill.

HOW'S THE ACTING?: The acting is average. The football players are pretty good actors.

WHY SHOULD TEENS SPEND THEIR MONEY ON THIS? To get a good laugh. As for football players, it'll really set you on fire and make you ready to get back on the field.

PROFANITY: Big-time trash talking.

NUDITY: Brief locker room scene.


-- Jacqueline Bowie, 17, is a junior at Butler High School.


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