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You're probably not reading this while driving, but a new study suggests that if you're like most people you occasionally engage in potentially dangerous, distracting behavior while behind the wheel.

A survey conducted by Response Insurance, a direct-to-consumer auto insurance company, found that 76 percent of all motorists have engaged in such activities while driving in the past six months.

Some of the leading distractions reported by respondents were:

Turning head to speak with a passenger, 56 percent

Spilling hot coffee on self, 26 percent

Tapping ashes from a lighted cigarette or cigar, 22 percent

Combing or brushing hair, 17 percent

Nose picking, 17 percent

Arguing with a passenger, 16 percent

Putting on makeup, 10 percent

Putting in eye drops or contact lenses, 3 percent


You've been invited to a Super Bowl party and you really want to go.

But the only bowls you know anything about are the ones containing the chips and dips, and you think "pigskin" might be a variety of pork rinds.

You are just the sort of person for whom Spectator Sports Made Simple (Masters Press, $12.95) was written.

Dan Bartges' paperback book aims to show readers "how to watch, understand and enjoy" eight spectator sports: baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, soccer, bowling, golf and tennis.

Text describes each game's action, strategy, equipment and a bit of history. Explanations of various sports terms will help a reader understand the difference between a foul shot and a foul ball, a punt and a bunt, a pick and a puck, the strike zone and the end zone, and a quarterback and the nickel defense.

Only Borders Books Music and Cafe had copies on the shelf. The book also can be ordered from Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble and amazon.com.

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