Originally created 01/25/00

Blasts Clinton 'roller-coaster ride'

E. Maner's Jan. 19 letter, "Praises president as greatest of century," was quite unbelievable. I agree that the past seven years have been an adventure for our country, but for this writer to proclaim Bill Clinton to have been "great for our nation" is a sad statement indeed. The past decade's children will come away with the memory of our nation's leader being an adulterer and perjurer who wiggled his way out of trouble. They can't yet see that Mr. Clinton lost one of the most important things a person has, his integrity. We have demonstrated to these kids through the actions of many gutless senators that it's OK to be morally corrupt as long as our 401-Ks are doing great. Whatever good this president had hoped to accomplish, his legacy went down the tubes the instant he placed his hand on the Bible and swore to God, knowing that he would soon break that oath.

I am personally thankful I ended my tour in the military before this "star-studded commander in chief" took over. I am glad the roller-coaster ride Mr. Maner has so enjoyed is nearly over. I am confident that Mr. Clinton's image will only tarnish further as eventually the ugly truths will ooze out. On this issue, I almost hope I am wrong because it will only further delay the complete fumigation of the White House.

Stephen Johnston, Martinez


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