Originally created 01/18/00

Says pill OK won't end opposition

Food and Drug Administration approval of mifepristone, the French abortion pill that abortion providers are hoping will end the abortion debate, is imminent. This approval has been delayed for several years, due mainly to legal complications arising from the fact that the license to manufacture and distribute the drug in this country was held by a man convicted of forgery. Concerns over the long-term health effects of chemically induced abortions on women do not appear to have played a significant part in the delay.

Abortion supporters are hopeful that physicians who will not provide surgical abortions will be willing to offer mifepristone, but it appears that, as more and more physicians are educated on the possibly significant complications and ensuing liability, this will not be the case.

More important, however, is the false hope of abortion supporters that somehow those who exercise their constitutional right to oppose legalized abortion will simply disappear with the introduction of an "abortion pill." They come by that assertion primarily based on their own stereotype of what constitutes a pro-life perspective.

Abortion zealots have created a caricature of those who oppose legalized abortion as a tiny minority of mindless fanatics whose intent is to exercise power over women. What has never been acknowledged is what has always been evident in even their own polls on abortion: Most Americans are far closer to the pro-life position than to their own narrow zealotry.

Abortion proponents have been wishing away the pro-life conscience of America for over 30 years, yet three decades of propaganda have failed to eradicate the fundamental view held by most reasonable people, that abortion is an abhorrent act. The approval for the marketing of mifepristone will do nothing to alter that view, or silence those who oppose the legalized destruction of innocent human life.

Penney C. Goodman, Augusta


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