Originally created 01/18/00

Defends daughter, Velez family name

I am Vanessa Velez-Cruz's mother, and I am the only one authorized to speak in the name of the Velez family. Celia Velez cannot speak for this family, because she has betrayed the Velez name.

Celia had, for her personal satisfaction, destroyed a person that was like a mother, sister, friend or a special person to Celia's family. She has also destroyed a family who offered her their love and consideration.

Most of the things Celia says about Vanessa are lies, and she knows that very well. We denied her, and Vanessa's father -- who loved so much his daughter -- is also denying Celia for what she has done.

From now on Celia is no more Celia Velez, but Celia Bracero, an unknown person to us. And Vanessa is not alone any more because her family is supporting and backing her up all the way.

Carmen Cruz Velez, Plantation, Fla.


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