Originally created 01/18/00

Tags CEO plan as 'another layer'

What happened to the editorial editor of The Chronicle? ... The editor has always taken the position of "less government is better government." Yet the Jan. 16 editorial "Constructive debate" takes a weak position on the issue of a new Columbia County chief executive officer. It could even be viewed as a "flip flop."

Another layer of government bureaucracy provides no addition-al benefit to the taxpayer, ties the hands of the county administrator and adds costs to the government operation. Just look at Richmond County's government!

Eliminating the administrator and replacing it with the elected chief executive officer is totally unthinkable and ridiculous. Replacing the county administrator with the chief executive officer mirror-images the antiquated elected school superintendents of yesteryear.

Remember the mid-1990s? The elected school superintendent position was voted out in Columbia County by its citizens and replaced with an appointed one. The main reason for ridding the elected superintendent was the position limited itself to a Columbia County resident only. So why should the Columbia County citizens be limited to an elected chief executive officer and possible political thug when the County Commission can hire a qualified administrator from a rich talent pool across the United States?

The second issue is the method as to how this surfaced. Here again, I've understood your conservative position that an open style of government is the correct style. The Jan. 13 editorial "Columbia Co. CEO?" did not address the issue of "good ol' boy politics." Wouldn't it seem appropriate that the present Commission be talking to the legislative delegation about an out-dated body of government, and not just have "Christmas season party talk"?

... When Pete Brodie announced he was not seeking re-election for the District 2 Commission seat, I asked him (about) his future political plans. He replied, saying he was moving on to bigger things. Could this (CEO) be it?

Ron Buel, Evans

(Editor's note: The writer chairs the Columbia County Solid Waste Management Authority.) Brodie


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