Originally created 01/12/00

Sees capitalism limiting rights

I am amazed by how easily Americans are willing to give away their First Amendment rights. Why will we freely give private corporations and institutions powers we find so distasteful in government? Sure John Rocker made some incredibly ignorant and offensive remarks. I don't see why anyone who does not frequently end sentences in prepositions should even care. Yet, there are those who call on the Braves organization or organized baseball to punish Mr. Rocker for practicing his First Amendment right. These are the same people who smugly look at a socialist nation and claim we have more freedom because of capitalism. This case in point proves just the opposite is true.

Capitalism limits our rights and makes fools of us all, as long as we allow it to exercise powers beyond which we give to the government.

What is so ironic is that people in the press actually call for the punishment of someone who expresses his opinion. They should all be given a month off without pay to consider the abusive powers of capitalism over their employees. Of course, that will never happen...

Michael Ledo, Windsor

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