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Says premarital sex cause of violence

Your article on domestic violence (Xtreme page for teens, Jan. 4) reflects a problem found in most of our society today: lack of acknowledgement of a core reason behind such behavior.

Today we see many couples living or sleeping together who have not made the commitment of a faithful lifetime marriage. Because of teachings through the educational system and the media, they do not realize that far more is involved than simply a physical act. Emotions can become so intertwined with the partner that when one wants out, the other is left with tremendous pain and frustration. Have you ever noticed how often in violence there is an ex- or a wanna-be ex-"lover" involved?

The God who created us gave us sex as a marriage gift, to be used only in that context for as long as one or the other of the union lives. Because He loves us, He made it clear that any other use would cause harm to ourselves and to our society. Rather than denying andor avoiding it, we need to diligently teach our people that sexual relationships outside of marriage are detrimental to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Far from "pie in the sky," Christianity is very down to earth!

Today there is a concerted effort to belittle and tear down Christianity. In the doing, those pillars that uphold a nation are being torn down. God made man and He rules in the affairs of men and nations. Whether America believes in Jesus Christ or not, following His precepts is what will preserve the fabric of this nation. If we truly love our young people, we will teach them the truth.

Jane H. Dennis, Augusta

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