Originally created 01/12/00

Wants news, not opinion, in sports pages

I am writing in response to another letter. I, too, am growing tired of all the negative comments sports writer Rick Dorsey has to say about John Rocker and many others.

I acknowledge the fact that what Mr. Rocker said was wrong and politically incorrect, but isn't there something in the Constitution about free speech? I was especially offended by Mr. Dorsey's so-called "New Year's resolutions." He went way out of bounds on many of those comments. I realize that no one is perfect, least of all me, but Mr. Dorsey shouldn't be so quick to point out people's faults without first taking a look at his own.

I don't know about others, but when I look in the paper at the sports page, I want to read sports news, not Mr. Dorsey's personal (and perhaps uneducated) insights on players' or coaches' personal lives or shortcomings.

In the future, might I suggest that before he criticizes others, he looks in the mirror and realizes that he has made mistakes.

Jonathan Renew, Harlem


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