Originally created 01/12/00

Hits liberals; urges Rocker on

It seems like the only people with a constitutional right to an opinion are gays and minorities. ...

If Thomas Jefferson was alive today, he'd be sick to his stomach over what the liberals, the media and minority groups have done to the Constitution and the principles upon which this nation was founded.

The liberals tell us we have no right to own guns to protect ourselves. The liberals tell us we cannot openly worship the God who gave us this land. The liberals tell us that only minorities are allowed to speak their opinion without psychological evaluations.

What has happened to this country, one nation under God conceived in liberty?

"The majority" are two words that don't rate with liberals, anti-gun groups, anti-Christians, gays and minorities. Go, John Rocker. You have a right to say anything you want to.

Bob Burns, Waynesboro


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