Originally created 01/11/00

Pass tax refund law

Taxes are one issue over which Republicans and Democrats usually clash, but on the Augusta-Richmond County legislative delegation there appears to be strong bipartisan support for a tax refund measure that state Rep. Robin Williams, R-Augusta, will be introducing.

It calls for Augusta officials to give full refunds to local taxpayers no matter how many years they've been overcharged on their tax bills.

This is in response to a shameful episode last spring when a Commission majority, heeding the narrow advice of city Attorney Jim Wall, refused to refund two disabled war veterans more than three years of overpayments, even though the fault was the city's for overcharging for decades.

Wall's pinched reading of the law -- that even if the city is at fault, taxpayers are entitled to no more than three years' refund -- prompted Williams to vow to try to change the statute this year.

Williams was joined at the time by a number of other state lawmakers. including the delegation's two Democratic senators, majority leader Charles Walker and Don Cheeks. If their support has not wavered, the legislation has an excellent chance of repealing "Wall's law."


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