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Colin Powell smeared

Political operative Donna Brazile was fired from Michael Dukakis' 1988 presidential campaign for spreading rumors that George Bush had an extra-marital affair. Now she has resurfaced to run Vice President Al Gore's presidential campaign.

One of her first acts as campaign manager was to disparage "white males," an especially strange thing to say when her candidate desperately needs white male votes if he's to have any chance at winning a general election.

But apparently Brazile, the object of an adoring feature story by NBC's Today show a few weeks ago, is untouchable when it come to criticism. Because she's the first black operative to head a presidential campaign, she can say things that other campaign managers would be booted for.

In an interview with Bloomberg.com, Brazile praised all the wonderful things the president and vice president have done to "improve the lives of African Americans and Hispanics. On the other hand," she continued, "the Republicans bring out (Retired Gen.) Colin Powell and (Rep.) J.C. Watts (R-Okla.) because they have no program, no policy... They have no love and no joy. They'd rather take pictures with black children than feed them."

Forget about the broad brush smear that Republicans don't care about minorities or want to feed black children -- that's standard leftist mudslinging -- but why the personal attacks on Powell and Watts? It's a not-so-subtle suggestion that they're "Uncle Toms."

But the chattering class elites let her get away with it because of her color. Never mind that Powell has done more to help children of all ethnic backgrounds than the partisan, prevaricating Brazile could dream of.

The former chairman of the Joint Chiefs fired off a letter to Gore ripping Brazile's remarks for "polarizing" the race issue and reminding the veep that playing the race card "contaminates and destroys the opportunity for open debate on issues of importance to all children."

Powell also cited his extensive volunteer work to "help feed, educate and spiritually nourish all of America's children, black and white, and not just for a photo op."

Gore stubbornly stuck by his motor-mouth campaign manager, saying only that she shouldn't have invoked Powell's name, but endorsed the rest of her remarks. In other words, playing the race card is OK with Gore because he knows only "partisan Republicans," not Big Media opinion makers, will call him on it.


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