Originally created 01/11/00

Cites 'hatred' against whites, South

The biggest enemy the African-American has is his hate for the white male. He is letting that control him. The Confederate flag is only a piece of cloth. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People announced a South Carolina boycott (over the capitol flag), and that just a few poor blacks would suffer. Why should any suffer? ...

Look at Columbia, S.C. Gen. William Sherman burned the town down because of hate against the South.

That hate today is taught to poor blacks who don't know any better. Some blacks have even burned their own churches so they could blame it on whites. ...

Let's join together and run the NAACP back up North ... And let's let the Yankees pay us restitution for what they took from us. South Carolina was the second richest state before the Civil War. ...

Chlody D. Meadows, Beech Island


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