Originally created 01/11/00

Ponders Constitution and calendar

I heard on the news that pitcher John Rocker of the Atlanta Braves is being ordered to undergo psychological tests just for speaking his mind. Wow! "If your viewpoints don't agree with mine then you must be crazy." This is "political correctness" run amok! What's next, re-education camps like in Red China? What happened to our collective right to speak our minds and our defending to the end our right to do so?

Want finance reform? First, do away with all soft money. Second, place no limits on contributions but require that all contributions be fully disclosed. Then allow the voters to decide. That is the way it is supposed to work. One must spend a lot of money to be elected. Who is to say what is too much money, and who would have the right to make that determination?

Want to know more about our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and how they came about? Read Miracle at Philadelphia by Catherine Drinker Bowen. It is an excellent piece of work.

Someone -- Benjamin Franklin perhaps -- said something like this: "A democratic republic is the worst form of government there is, except for all the rest." All one must do to realize the miracle at Philadelphia is to read the editorial page of the local newspaper. There are as many viewpoints as there is sand on the beaches.

If we ever amend the Constitution to allow for a direct democracy (which in effect would nullify the Constitution), the days remaining for this country will be few.

For those of you who say the new millennium does not begin until the year 2001, how can we already be in the 21st Century? Also, which A.D. millennium consisted of 1001 years? One millennium would have had to if your logic is accepted. David Rumbaugh of North Augusta that there was no year "zero." Correct, but there was a theoretical "moment" of "zero" which occupied no time or space (like a point in geometry) of which on the A.D. side would have been the beginning of the first century. Midnight on Dec. 31, 99 was the end of the 1st Century. ...

M. Davis, Langley


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