Originally created 01/11/00

Hits administrator in zoning debate

I am very disappointed with the Edgefield County Council. I sincerely thought that, once Council received the proposed zoning ordinance, the citizens of Edgefield would receive a fair chance to discuss alternatives to zoning. I see now how very wrong I was.

What disturbs me even more is how the county administrator has the power to retain a zoning attorney and approve his fee -- all without the consent or consideration from our elected County Council. Two councilmen had no idea an attorney was hired and one thought they decided to hire him at the Council meeting. There was no discussion in regard to a zoning attorney and no motions made, only the slip of a tongue.

What do we have the County Council for if our administrator has so much power that Council is left in the dark? There is also a conflict of opinion among the Council members about whether or not the administrator should have that power.

My suggestion to Council and the county administrator is to review the "Ethical Principals in Planning" as adopted in May, 1992. They apparently have forgotten them. ...

Bernadette Hudson, North Augusta


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