Originally created 01/02/00

Disagrees with sports columnist

According to sports columnist Rick Dorsey, John Rocker "deserves harsh punishment." He is the poster child for how venemous the "politically correct" police can be when offended.

While Mr. Rocker's statements were in poor taste, no one (including the vitriolic Mr. Dorsey) has been able to point out anything said by Rocker that was not true.

The asinine Mr. Dorsey also says the Braves shouldn't "hide behind" the clause of free speech. As usual, the p.c. police would have the Constitution apply only to their favored causes, not everyone. Perhaps freedom of speech should then apply only to politically correct newspapers, with harsh penalties for any that don't conform to the accepted norms, a chilling specter for the future.

Everett Schultz, Jr., Augusta


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