Originally created 01/02/00

Wants Rocker to keep his job

John Rocker's views expressed in the recent issue of Sports Illustrated have yielded harsh criticism with a witch-hunt type mentality. While he is obviously ignorant and has no sense of good judgment, I don't think he deserves to have his career ruined. Did he murder his wife and her lover? Did he choke his coach and threaten to sue if he wasn't allowed back on the court? Did he bite off an opponent's ear? Did he spit on a referee? Did he use racial slurs? Was he speaking for the Atlanta Braves organization? The answer to all of these questions is no.

The public and Hank Aaron, specifically, need to collect themselves. I think he'll have to leave the Braves organization; he has jeopardized the cohesiveness of the club. And of course, he'll have to pay the piper. But being branded by Hank Aaron as Ku Klux Klan material and being compared to a murderer is absolutely ridiculous. We're talking about an ignorant, hot-headed young man who needs to practice a little decorum and do a little soul searching.

Holli Bradberry, Augusta


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