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Believes Rocker expresses freedom of speech

Who: O.J. Simpson accused of murder and gets off.

Why: African American athlete, still golfing and enjoying life.

Who: Latrelle Sprewell, attacks and assaults coach.

Why: African American athlete, still playing "round ball."

Who: Peter Warrick, accused of theft from department store with two other college students.

Why: African American athlete, still playing college ball, was a nominee for Heisman award.

Who: Dennis Rodman, you name anything illegal, he has been involved.

Why: African American athlete, plays "round ball."

Who: Charles Barkley, altercations, assaults galore.

Why: African American athlete, recently retired from "round ball."

Who: Darrel Strawberry, numerous drug charges, rehabilitations, unable to count the chances given by team and managers.

Why: African American, pro baseball player for New York Yankees.

Who: John Rocker, Atlanta Braves relief pitcher, gives interview to Sports Illustrated, speaking his mind and how he feels about New York fans. The news media, civic leaders and various fans want him to lose his job with his profession.

Why: Southern white boy from Macon, Ga.

I thought it was against the law to kill, steal, threaten and assault and buy and use drugs? I also thought we had freedom of speech in America, this must not be the case in Atlanta.

R. Quattlebaum, Aiken


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