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Hits publication of D.U.I. offenders

Every time The Chronicle publishes the photos of convicted D.U.I. offenders I get angry. I can't understand their motivation or reasoning. I know D.U.I. is a crime and I don't condone or support this type of behavior; however, I find it very interesting as to whose photos are published. Why is it I never see the photo of a professional (i.e., the doctor, lawyer or, heaven forbid, the politician). All that are ever published are photos of the poor or middle class. Makes a man wonder why.

... If we are to continue this practice, I think we need to look at our priorities. I agree that someone driving under the influence can be responsible for tragic events that can kill and/or cause pain and suffering to others, and they need to be taken off the streets before they can do harm. However, there are people out there who on a daily basis cause more physical and mental anguish ... but for some reason are never singled out in the same way. Those (and I use the word loosely) human beings are the ones who sell drugs to your children and other loved ones, and sexually abuse the innocent. Why is it they are not photographed and paraded in the paper to let us all know who they are and where they live? I'm sure that most of us would like to know if these people are living in our neighborhoods and what they look like.

This information would help us greatly in protecting our children and making them aware of an evil that is present and close by. I believe that this practice would not only reduce the use of drugs and child molestation, it would also reduce the dealers and those who prey on our children. ...

Think about it. Whose picture would you rather see in the paper -- the fool who made a bad choice to drive after drinking or the one who preys on our children or feeds them drugs? ...

George Greeley, Augusta

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