Originally created 01/02/00

Wants tough speed limit enforcement

I would like to support Robert H. Graves (letter, Dec. 25). The solution is simple: Enforce the present speed limits.

Each time the speed limit is upped, the driving public thinks that means they can establish a higher speed limit than is posted. This posted speed limit is the maximum, not the minimum.

I have seen the effects that a parked police car on the side of the road can make on passing cars, they will automatically slow down. If high speeds kill, and our traffic controllers have determined the safe speeds for the existing road conditions, then the local law enforcement agency must do their job.

One parked police car, with its lights flashing, will effect a traffic slowdown, and an area with a reputation for writing speeding tickets will help slow down those drivers who need an incentive to do the right thing, obey the posted speed limits. This in turn will make the highways safer for all of us.

Bill Getha, Evans


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