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In 2000, have faith in God's promises

As we come to the end of 2000 years since the birth of Jesus Christ, there is much apprehension about the future because of the possibility of Y2K problems.

Perhaps we are experiencing some of those calamities on this first day of the New Year. Ominous, chaotic, dark storm clouds have often loomed over our world. The Black Plague and two world wars wiped out several generations. The threat of a nuclear holocaust in the Cuban missile crisis and a nuclear arms buildup threatened our very existence. Currently, the escalating spread of AIDS, along with the threat of new viral plagues, again threaten our lives.

With all the other head-shaking, bad sociological news, there is some good news. God has said through his word that his glory is going to continue to increase FOREVER; that his word will accomplish what he has promised. Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against his ever-increasing Kingdom! God is making the world kingdom-compliant: heart by heart, family by family, city by city.

Recently released statistics from the Lausanne Task Force confirm the steady increase of the Kingdom of God. The Christian church began with about 120 disciples in the Upper Room on the day of Pentecost. As the first century ended in 100 A.D., there was one Christian for every 360 persons on the face of the earth.

By 1500 A.D., one out of 69 were Christian. At the beginning of 1900 one out of 27. In 1990 one out of 7 and by 1995 one out of five.

Korea and Africa had only a few Christians at the beginning of 1900 and now 50 percent are Christian. We are in the midst of an unprecedented worldwide Christian revival in the history of mankind! The Holy Spirit of revival is being poured out again because 50 percent of all humans born since Adam are now ALIVE.

The great commission is happening before our very eyes. For the year 2000, I am expecting great and wonderful events to happen for the Glory of the Lord. A local radio station has a motto, "Winning Augusta for Jesus." We are praying for the Church of the CSRA to unite for stadium crusades, much like the Argentina revival, to win Augusta for Jesus.

If everyone who reads this article would begin to pray and intercede for the revival to intensify in Augusta, we would see Augusta become Kingdom-Compliant. The Spirit is moving upon the hearts of his people and prayer movements like Lighthouses of Prayer, Light the Night, and Fasting and Prayer conferences are but an inkling of the many ways God is making our world Kingdom-Compliant.

God said in (2 Chronicles 7:14, "If my people will humble themselves... and pray."

Remember, one touch from Jesus will change your life!

The Rev. Ronald Fearneyhough is pastor of Gracewood United Methodist Church.


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