Originally created 01/01/00

Says Dorsey needs "Logic 101"

Rick Dorsey, a fledgling sports columnist, has found a political football to kick around. He should read Cal Thomas's Dec. 28 column and learn how a mature person handles a little verbal flap. The way Mr. Dorsey rushes to the minority side, he is saying they are inferior and they need my help. A good course in "Logic 101" would help him.

When a black football player pushed an official to the ground, did Mr. Dorsey call for him to be kicked out of football? Well, John Rocker didn't stab, choke or push an official to the ground.

Whether the baseball players need to learn English is a moot problem. When a Spanish player is at bat, an interpreter could run out and tell him if the umpire called a ball or strike. The umpire speaks English and the interpreter speaks both, Spanish and English with Japanese thrown in.

I think that Rick Dorsey will mature and I vote to keep him ...

Faber Hance, North Augusta


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