Originally created 01/01/00

Hits decommissioning Lock and Dam

Now that we have a date that the so-called "test" will be run to decide if the New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam should be decommissioned, as citizens we should get together to stop this tragedy.

Lowering the river will ruin our beautiful Riverwalk, which was key in starting a trend to bring downtown back. This also will ruin the marina, have terrible effects on the new development on both sides, and it will devastate the wildlife, such as beavers, and others that use the river constantly.

Anyone who ever travels down the river will notice the many species of mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles. Industry uses the river, as do the cities, to pump water out.

Has anyone thought of the events on the river such as the regatta and the Southern Nationals? What about future events we may want to hold? The river we have gives the downtown a distinct look and feel that we must save. The bottom line is that the lowering of the river is stupid and a step backwards for Augusta. We have much to lose.

Jim Drew, Augusta

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