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Bashes stand on homosexual rights

In response to the statement in the Dec. 21 editorial: "If homosexuals are put on an `equal' level with heterosexuals, the former will naturally ask for the same benefits as the latter," I am shocked and outraged. Homosexuals are equal to heterosexuals and should be treated as such.

No one chooses their sexual orientation, one merely chooses to practice their sexual orientation. Asking a homosexual not to practice his sexuality is obviously the same as asking a heterosexual to be celibate, and I don't think one has the right to ask or expect another to be celibate; after all, that is a personal choice.

You write that "... many homosexuals are notoriously promiscuous," and attempt to give this stereotype validity by merely referencing your sources as "Leading Gay Rights' Activists." Well, you will have to do a little bit more research to convince me. Have you forgotten that infidelity has been an issue in heterosexual relationships for centuries?

In addition, the current divorce rate in America is approximately 50 percent, with many heterosexuals having multiple divorces, but no one complains about it being too frustrating or costly to update their records. Perhaps it only appears that homosexuals are more promiscuous than heterosexuals because there is no definitive government sanctioned beginning to a long-term homosexual relationship. For homosexuals, that period before the committed relationship begins equates to a heterosexual's dating period in which there is rampant pre-marital promiscuity.

Homosexuals only want to be treated the same as heterosexuals, nothing more, nothing less. Do you not believe everyone is created equal?

Louis S. Schwartz, Augusta

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