Originally created 12/23/99

Empty Stocking Fund: Hephzibah woman seeks assistance for children

A Hephzibah mother of two boys, both 10, is seeking help for her family this Christmas.

She wrote to the Empty Stocking Fund telling her story and asking for help. Recently, this mother took in her younger brother and his girlfriend, along with their two children, ages 10 and 5.

The brother and his girlfriend were both battling drug addiction and were trying to stay sober, she writes. But the girlfriend died from the AIDS virus, and the man found he had it, too.

Not being able to deal with the death of his girlfriend or being able to come to terms with his illness, he moved out of the apartment, leaving his two children behind.

This Augusta mother said she cannot even claim the children as her own. She has no Social Security cards or birth certificates to prove they are her brother's and cannot imagine sending them to a foster home.

This Hephzibah mother will be helped through contributions made to the Empty Stocking Fund.

Contributions can be sent to Empty Stocking Fund, P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30903-1928. Or visit augustachronicle.com/emptystocking to make your donations to the Empty Stocking Fund online. For more information, call INFOLINE at 442-4444 and press 3340.

Contributions to the Empty Stocking Fund for today:

Previously acknowledged -- $76,799.37

S.E.W. and G.C.W. -- $100

Anonymous -- $50

In memory of Norman Boatwright Jr. -- $50

Lawrence R. and Betty M. Wilson -- $50

South Carolina Alpha Delta Kappa, Alpha Rho Chapter -- $44

Anonymous -- $100

Thomas Morton -- $25

From Col. and Mrs. Ford P. Fuller -- $25

Anonymous -- $101

In memory of Mama, Daddy and two brothers -- $100

Donation from CSRA Girl Scouts Troop 240 -- $50

In memory of Marge and Matt O'Connell -- $50

In memory of J.R.G. -- $25

For his indescribable gift: Jesus -- $100

In memory of Wade, Maima, Ag and Pop -- $200

Marian S. Harelik -- $10

From Bill, Martha and the grandchildren -- $50

In memory of Aaron E. Jennings -- $100

Anonymous -- $50

John S. Krok -- $25

Anonymous -- $25

Richard Bland -- $10

From Pat and Kathryn in memory of our daughter Katie -- $25

Anonymous -- $25

Thomas M. and Patricia W. Ruffin -- $50

Merry Christmas from www.Rootsofyore.org -- $25

Villa Motor Inn -- Williston, S.C., Joseph L. and Audrey A. Statham -- $25

In memory of our parents and Michael -- $50

Anonymous -- $25

In loving memory of Bruce M. Fornes and Donald A. Fornes -- $100

Anonymous -- $25

Sara Martin -- $50

Augusta Gyn P.C. -- $400

Dick Frank's Travel Connection Inc. -- $50

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Gordy -- $50

SouthTrust Bank Response Team -- $80

From the staff of Augusta Urology Surgicenter in honor of Dr. Thomas W. Blanchard, Dr. Mark L. Cain, Dr. James J. Carswell III, Dr. Charles H. Coleman Jr., Dr. H. Ray Finney, Dr. Michael F. Green, Dr. Richard B. Sasnett Jr. and Dr. Roy Witherington -- $200

Department of Georgia Daughters of '98 United Spanish War Veterans -- $25

On behalf of employees of Blanchard and Calhoun Insurance Agency Inc. -- $120

In honor of Sara Kathryn Smith, Miami, Fla. -- $100

Anonymous -- $200

Anonymous -- $100

Moswen A. Bonner -- $25

For Willis -- $10

With love -- $50

Please accept this small contribution on behalf of Mrs. Williams' third-grade class at Bayvale Elementary. This was our Christmas project and the children thought this a worthy charity. -- $45

Ronna Quinn -- $10

Total today: $3,205

Total this year: $80,004.37


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