Originally created 12/23/99

Plugs Sutherland for Aiken Council

We need a new political environment on the Aiken City Council. We do not need a Council member's brother-in-law, we do not need another "yes man" and we do not need another liberal disguised as a conservative.

What we need is candidate Jim Sutherland.

Mr. Sutherland believes in common sense leadership, responsible taxation, character and honest government. He will oppose tax increases. ... He believes his job as a Council member is to remove political obstacles that stand in the way of business and individuals. Mr. Sutherland states, "Citizens should not have to fight their own government."

Mr. Sutherland is the people's candidate and is not part of the "good old boy" establishment which now dominates the City Council.

This is a citywide election, so I encourage all Aiken city residents to vote in this Dec. 28 primary since the winner will face no opposition....

Ken Lane, Aiken


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