Originally created 12/22/99

Chides view on Lynx signage pact

I would strongly take issue with your Dec. 15 editorial stance -- which apparently attempts to elevate the Morris Communications Corp. to a position of trying to micro-manage the Civic Center. It is in the interest, it seems, of trying to make the only good moneymaker using the place ever, the Augusta Lynx, relinquish advertising rights which were promised by LMI. LMI did that because it was part of the package to attract the Lynx, and keep them profitable enough to thrive here.

There is no "carnival atmosphere" at the Civic Center due to advertising or scoreboards, as you imply. Even in Atlanta, at the new Phillips Arena, you will see the same thing. The Lynx is the one sole item that makes money for the Civic Center at least 35 nights a year. (Even more if we make the playoffs.)

You think the Lynx should remove all those ads in the middle of a season, just because you have a horse show for Billy Morris coming in for a week. ... Certainly, the only other entity that might want, and have a valid claim to ad space, is the Augusta Stallions arena football team.

... I'm sure LMI can work it out for the Stallions with the Lynx. LMI is the manager of the place, not Mr. Morris.

Leave LMI alone. It's nice to have something worth going to at the Civic Center now -- Lynx hockey. People expect signs in a civic center. I've been in them all over the Southeast. All have ad signs, many controlled by the hockey teams because they are the overall best user of the facility. ...

As a paper, you would do well to court them, instead of editorializing against them on behalf of your boss' special interest. ...

Sam G. Roney, Martinez


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