Originally created 12/03/99

Killer Lumpkin lies

No one should be surprised that crafty former Augusta attorney William Lumpkin is appealing his conviction on murdering Realtor Stan White.

Why? Because, he promised not to. Long before Lumpkinwas a convicted murderer, he was a slimy lawyer. Sleaze-balls don't stop being sleazy when they become killers. They just become more sleazy. Besides, a man who can commit murder, would think nothing of lying.

Recall what happened earlier this year, after a jury convicted him of White's murder. Lumpkin, fearful the jury would also give him an electrified seat in "Ol' Sparky," copped a plea to save his life.

In exchange for scrapping the death penalty and accepting a life term without parole, Lumpkin admitted he killed White, who held a deed to his home, and promised prosecutors he would waive all rights to appeal.

Surprise, surprise. Less than a year later, he's already appealing, seeking a new trial on the ludicrous grounds that he got ineffective counsel.

Does Lumpkin really believe that after admitting to being a cold-blooded killer and waiving his right to appeal that he will get a new jury trial that would set him free?

Not likely. Basically, he just seems to be trying to force the system into spending money and doing busywork to keep him behind bars.

But we are reassured by District Attorney Danny Craig's comment that Lumpkin's suit has no merit. It will probably be summarily dismissed without cost to taxpayers or gumming up the wheels of the criminal justice system.


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