Originally created 12/03/99

Protests harvest of babies' body parts

It is a known fact that there are companies which harvest body parts of aborted babies. A recent article about the brain in Parademagazine mentions the harvesting of human stem cells from embryos for use in research.

One can imagine just how much more lucrative the aborted child would be if he or she was late term.

If someone had told me as I was growing up ... that the day would come when our ethics went out the window ... I would not have believed them. But, here it is, we are allowing these dastardly practices in the name of medicine.

What sense does it make to use organs to save a child or an adult by killing another human being in order to have these organs or parts?

As for Sen. Max Cleland, D-Ga., and others like him who won't ban partial-birth abortions, how can they sleep at night?

Before any young lady or her parents agree to an abortion they should have to witness the mutilation of a late term abortion on film, and then be asked if they still want an abortion.

These little children cannot speak for themselves. They are expendable, in the eyes of many, and in many cases what is left of their little bodies is desecrated by the harvesting of parts.

What have we come to? This country used to be an example to many. What is the future? Now it is the babies; will it be the elderly next? Many years ago, when the Eskimos had hard times, the babies and the elderly were set adrift out to sea.

Think about it, but don't waste too much time thinking. Instead, take pen in hand, and write to anyone who will listen ... Sen. Cleland and President Bill Clinton should be at the top of the list of people who need a lesson in humanity ...

Elizabeth O. Leon, Waynesboro


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