Originally created 12/02/99

Some sour grapes

Veteran Augusta Commissioner Freddie Handy was defeated for re-election nine days ago and he still hasn't officially conceded the race, much less congratulate the winner, Marion F. Williams, and wish him well.

That's standard procedure for a losing candidate, but apparently Handy doesn't believe in being a graceful loser. Some leadership example that sets for Augusta's drive to be a "City of Character."

Worse, Handy -- who was first elected to the old Richmond County Commission -- hasn't spoken publicly to his constituents or even co-ordinated with Williams about the district's problems since his re-election bid went down in flames.

This bad-sport behavior really takes the measure of the man. It demonstrates District 2 voters' wisdom in tossing Handy out. It appears that, as commissioner, he was more interested in what his district could do for him than he was in what he could do for his district.


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