Originally created 12/01/99

Still whining

There was a lot of wasted time at Monday's Augusta Commission meeting.

The Commission had a do-nothing reputation even before two recent civil grand juries ripped city officials' ethics and other policies. Several of its members lived up to that reputation by spending most of their time being defensive over the newly-impaneled permanent grand jury that's looking deeper into government irregularities, and possible corruption.

In fairness, a majority of commissioners did not engage in excusing, rationalizing, finger-pointing and preparing defenses against potentially damaging revelations. But the usual whiners did, and they know who they are.

Again, as we've noted before, instead of selfishly moaning about what they perceive to be their misfortune or inconvenience (whichever the case may be), why don't these grumblers get busy with the people's business and try to clear up the deficiencies the grand juries have cited?

The best defense against allegations of bad government is to practice good government.


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