Originally created 12/01/99

Defends 'obnoxious' Auburn fans

This letter is in response to J. Knight's Nov. 24 defense of the Georgia fans at the Auburn-Georgia game.

Ms. Knight contends her family left the game because of obnoxious Auburn fans. With all of the empty seats in the stadium, her family could have moved to one of those empty sections to cheer for her Bulldogs. The family could have joined the group of Georgia fans that stood behind the bench and cussed the Bulldogs or they could have called security to remove fans that, in her words, were creating a life-altering situation. When one team loses, the cheers for the other team may seem obnoxious.

Along with sore winners, there are sore losers. Explaining your actions by attacking others seems to happen in politics and now in college football.

A true fan will stay and support her or his team and not let a game become a life-altering experience. I just wonder if her term for obnoxious is a label that is applied only to the fans of the teams that beat Georgia?

David Allen, Aiken

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