Originally created 11/18/99

I dumped Dorsey: Week 12

Last week, I Dumped Dorsey produced its 10th 10-5 week or better in 11 tries, a surprising level of consistency in this perplexing world of football.

And still, we dropped in the BCS ratings behind the selections of several other columnists across the country, pickers forecasting weaker slates. We'd like a prognosticating playoff, but that's another topic for another day.

There are two more chances for me to make up ground; two more lists of games for the Augusta area to try to befuddle me. Much to the chagrin of many, this contest ends with next week's games.

Those of you who haven't won T-shirts, and judging from the number of dumpers each week that number must be minute, get one final Hail Mary pass.

This begins two weeks of rivalries, games where emotions play as integral a role as talent. We're still searching for rivals to get our blood boiling over. Maybe we'll just direct our venom toward you, the dumpers, the people who have knocked our egos down a couple of notches.

Last week: 10-5 (5-4 colleges, 5-1 pros); Overall: 115-48 (76-27 colleges, 39-23 pros).


OLE MISS over Georgia: Caution: Please don't stand under falling Bulldogs for fear of becoming a splat stain.

GEORGIA TECH over Wake Forest: Without television, we'll just have to take word of Yellow Jackets rout.

CLEMSON over South Carolina: For once, there's a chance that Brad Scott could be carried off the Williams-Brice turf victorious.

FLORIDA STATE over Florida: Have the Gators been sandbaggin' the past two weeks, or are they really that mediocre?

ARKANSAS over Mississippi State: When frauds start falling, they fall for a while.

ALABAMA over Auburn: Ben Leard's arm may be tired after using up his quota of Superman-type plays against Georgia.

MICHIGAN over Ohio State: Once upon a time, this game actually ruined the Buckeyes' championship hopes. They're just ruined now.

TENNESSEE over Kentucky: The Vols swept UK in men's and women's hoops, so why should football be any different?

YALE over Harvard: Eli ride eight-game winning streak into college football's true Game.


BUCS over Falcons: Sacked nine times against Jaguars, will Chris Chandelier survive the Warren Sapp onslaught?

PANTHERS over Browns: One team plays like an expansion team every week, the other every other week.

DOLPHINS over Patriots: Jimmy Johnson has declared war on everything: his offense, his quarterbacks, his hair stylist.

CHIEFS over Seahawks: NFL's best home-field advantage ruins Seattle's resurgence.

TITANS over Steelers: They may have the ugliest uniforms in football, but even Mr. Blackwell could beat Pittsburgh.

PACKERS over Lions: Can't see Brett Favre losing three straight games at Lambeau Field.


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