Originally created 11/18/99

Defends radio personality's remarks

I read the Nov. 8 letter by Ron Roberts and strongly disagree with what one radio personality wrote about another. I understand the radio business is strong and that most radio stations only wish for high ratings. However, I don't understand why one person can say such crude words about another one's thoughts.

Austin Rhodes is a radio personality who stated one side of a story for his listeners when he (talked about) Grovetown's mayor. He stated one side to get his listeners' brains moving. Mr. Roberts, from another Augusta radio station, wrote to your readers about his side. Both of them were only trying to improve the ratings for the radio stations they work for.

Each person, whether they are an on-air personality or not, Democrat or not, has a right to speak or write his thoughts and opinions. Ron Roberts finished his letter to the Augusta Chronicle with this quote: "Maybe Mr. Rhodes should think deeper next time."

I agree with Mr. Roberts and I also believe (he should) listen to his own thoughts about others.

Melinda Shy, Thomson


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