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Truckers say Georgia drivers among worst

Georgia's drivers have earned the dubious distinction of being the worst in the nation, according to a survey of truckers.

But Peach State motorists shouldn't despair -- the state ranks high for maintaining the best rest stops, and Georgia Interstate 75 is the third-best highway in the nation.

The survey of 1,115 truckers by Overdrive magazine, released this week, sought the opinions of long-haul truckers in a variety of categories. Georgia's rest stops were voted No. 2 on the list. But in the worst-driver category, Georgia and California tied for the top spot.

The magazine hails the truckers as experts of roads. Who better to judge the best and worst roads, best truck stops and best scenery in the nation than the men and women who spend thousands of hours on the U.S. highways? The truckers surveyed have a mean of 22 years of commercial driving experience, including 14 years as owner-operator of their own trucks.

So the occasional traveler can learn some valuable tips from the experts before hitting the highways.

Arkansas gained the dubious honor of having the overall worst roads in the country, with Interstates 40 and 30 ranked as the worst in the nation. Louisiana's Interstate 10 grabbed the No. 2 spot among worst roads.

In a more positive light, Tennessee's Interstate 40 was ranked tops in the best roads category, followed by Interstate 75 in Florida. Virginia was the only state to beat Georgia in the best rest stops category, but neither state was ranked as having the best truck stops -- Pennsylvania grabbed that honor. The truckers decided Wyoming had the best scenery and Pennsylvania's Interstates 80 and 81 were the most improved roads.

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